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  Where Are Fetish Events Held?

   Many of you lovely ladies and gentlemen already know about the best Fetish events within the UK, but if you are new to latex wearing you might be wondering where to go and what to wear. Therefore each month I am going to focus on an upcoming event, focussing on its theme if it has one, dress code, locality etc. Also within the monthly blog there will be a code for you to use so you can adorn yourself in one of our ready to wear designs ,or you can go all out and have a bespoke garment made for you. 

 Torture Garden 

   Let’s kick off our first fetish event blog with Torture Garden, this is the event most people immediately think of or attend regularly. It sees between 800 to 2500 fetish loving attendees at each monthly event which generally take place in London, but also in Edinburgh and at several special locations globally. It has been running since 1990, so extremely well established and we have heard nothing but good things about it. The great thing about the London based Torture Garden events is that it habitually moves location which keeps the fetish party atmosphere fresh. This means you can enjoy yourself at venues such as Electrowerkz, Ministry of Sound or the massive Coronet Theatre. Just to make things more interesting you may also find yourself aboard HMS President which is moored on The Thames.

  Now I have you all salivating I shall let you know the details.

The next 3 Torture Garden events are The Valentine’s Ball on 11th February 2017 at the Coronet , this is pretty much sold out but this still has tickets available for the Late Slot priced at £35. Edinburgh has a sold out event 27th February at The Caves, well done those of you with tickets , clasp them to your bosom tightly. Then it’s back to London March 24th at Electrowerkz. 

  Torture Garden Dress Code

Torture Garden does have a strict fetish dress code, full details can be found on their website, torturegarden.com but as a heads up if you’re not in full fetish/fantasy wear you won’t get in.

   Here comes our first discount code , type in TortureDix at the checkout or email us on enquires@fetasialatex.com and  quote “Torture Dix” and we will give you 10% off your bespoke Fetasia Latex outfit. This code is valid until the end of March 2017. 


   Now I must be off back to the workroom 

   Have a great rubbery time 


Photography credits

Model Shelly D’Inferno

Image Myboudoir.co.uk

Muah Sarah Elliott Muah


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